Redmound's Look There's Timber Jr

Wir haben Timber an zwei Tollingjagdprüfungen und an der Show anlässlich des Specialen in Sälen gesehen und es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Sein offenes Wesen und seine Passion hat uns begeistert. Wir sind der Meinung, dass sich Rosie und Timber perfekt ergänzen. 

Dänischer Junior Champion
European Junior Winner 2015
Deutscher Junior Champion

An Tollingjagdprüfungen im 2015 erreichte Timber zweimal einen ersten Preis in der Beginnersclass und startet 2016 in der Openclass

Das sagt Annette über Timber: 
Timber Jr. is a "dream came true" dog for me. He was the smallest puppy in the litter and was always one week behind his littermates both in weight and development. The dog you are not supposed to keep, but I did. Today he is the biggest and heaviest in the litter. He turned out to be a very handsome dog and has already done extremely well in the showring. He is an absolute joy to work with. Very energetic and fast and has an extreme "will to please". To him fieldwork is life. Out of all the dogs I have owned and trained, he is the one, who has shown the best understanding of new concepts and exercises. He is very playful, has a sweet temper and likes to cuddle. On the other hand he is also a very selfconfident and dominant male, but not stupid and I'll be surprised if he ever ends in a fight.